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Helping Teens with Autism Who Are Struggling in School

Teens with autism can struggle in a typical school setting due to the social atmosphere and lack of a structured routine that teens with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) require to help them cope with their unique symptoms. Helping teens with autism who are struggling in school because of a lack of understanding and support is…


What Are My Options For Autism Therapy Programs?

  Many people battling an autism spectrum disorder are using therapies to help reduce symptoms and improve their abilities. Using an early intervention program, which starts therapy during or before preschool, can increase the chances for your child’s success. Most pediatricians and medical experts recommend that you seek treatment as soon as you suspect that…

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Autism Diagnosis Criteria

The autism diagnosis criteria require an evaluation by a certified medical professional. Symptoms of autism typically begin during early childhood and gradually become more severe. Autism disorder treatment programs in Westchester, NY focuses on improving psychosocial skills and addressing developmental delays by using Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), medications, and therapy. Autism Diagnosis Criteria To meet…

find out what is nonverbal autism

What is Nonverbal Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder treatment programs see both mild forms of autism and nonverbal autism. But what is nonverbal autism and how common is it? Autism is a spectrum disorder because symptoms vary in severity. While many nonverbal issues can be overcome, some individuals with severe autism are unable to develop verbal skills, even in adulthood. …

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What is High Functioning Autism

Autism is a type of developmental disorder that causes social, communication, emotional, and behavioral problems. Autism disorder treatment programs work to reduce the impact symptoms have on daily life, as autism can lead to isolation and psychosocial impediments. But what is high functioning autism? There are varying levels of severity when it comes to autism…